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Прошивки BIOS (Firmware)
на материнскую плату Abit IT7 (Socket 478)

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Icoit7a4.exe [279 Кб]Скачать Download
it7a4 для Abit IT7

Icoit7av.exe [279 Кб]Скачать Download
it7av для Abit IT7

Icoit7bt.exe [280 Кб]Скачать Download
it7bt для Abit IT7

Icoit7c6.exe [280 Кб]Скачать Download
it7c6 для Abit IT7

Icoit7cp.exe [284 Кб]Скачать Download
it7cp для Abit IT7

Icoit7d7.exe [283 Кб]Скачать Download
it7d7 для Abit IT7

Icoit7e8.exe [289 Кб]Скачать Download
it7e8 для Abit IT7
Развернуть описаниеподробнее
Official BIOS release E8 for IT7/IT7E
IT7-MAX2 v1.0

Release information:


1. Update CPU micro code.
2. Add new options 80/85/90 degree C in "CPU Shutdown Temperature".
3. Change the default setting of "CPU Warning Temperature" to 85 degree C.
4. BIOS compile date: 07/15/2003.


1. §у·s CPU micro codeЎC
2. ¦b "CPU Shutdown Temperature" ·sјW 80«ЧC/85«ЧC/90«ЧC їп¶µЎC
3. §у§п¦b "CPU Warning Temperature" ¬°85«ЧЎC
4. BIOS ¤йґБЎG 07/15/2003ЎC

********************************* NOTE *********************************

1. How to upgrade BIOS:

a. Boot into MS-DOS or "Safe mode and command prompt" if you are using
b. Run "it7e8.exe" to extract all files.
c. Run "runme.bat"

*** Please notice that we suggest you flashing the bios with switches

"/py /sn /cd /cp /cc /cks /R" or by "runme.bat".

d. For more detail, please visit: (Chinese) (English)

2.After BIOS updated, pull off the power cord and then clear the CMOS data
via jumper before restarting system please.


Icoit78h.exe [271 Кб]Скачать Download
it78h для Abit IT7

Icoit78y.exe [271 Кб]Скачать Download
it78y для Abit IT7

Icoit79w.exe [272 Кб]Скачать Download
it79w для Abit IT7

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